Welcome to the web home of Jessica & Co! I am so thrilled about the new adventures that are headed in my direction so stay tuned and follow my blog for updates! ❤️

So to start off, I am Jessica! 25 years young and I’m living my best life (is it still cool to say that haha?!) with my precious little family!

My husband and I met in 2012 and we have been inseparable since. He is my rock. My constant. Jamin is so incredibly patient and he is always there for me as my biggest supporter. Our daughter, Jade,  was born June 20, 2013. She is a firecracker but so so kindhearted. She is the sunshine on my dark days, my jokester, and my snuggle bug. She is in gymnastics AND jujitsu so she keeps us BUSY.  Jamin & I married June 27, 2014 on the gorgeous beaches of Florida. Our son was born at the beginning of this year on January 13, 2018. Jett was the last puzzle piece to our clan. He loves our dog Arlo, mama is his favorite person, he has blue eyes that will pierce through you, and he likes pointing at everyone. Jett is my serious boy who loves to give me shoogies. And oh they are the best little shoogies ever.

Here are my precious angels! I hope you enjoy a little sneak into my busy busy life!!






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